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Tourism in Amboise: discovering the region

Amboise, Touraine and the wider Loire Valley are regions with a rich gastronomic heritage. The rich, fertile land along the Loire produces some of France's most prized products.

AOC Loire Valley wines

A wine-growing region, vines grow in abundance in the region and Loire wines are among the most renowned in France. Numerous cellars and estates are close to our hotel, so you can discover some of the region's finest beverages.

The Caves Duhard, the Cave Plou et fils and Ch√Ęteau Gaudrelle Rochecorbon are all great places to discover the best AOC Touraine Val de Loire wines.

Potted meat

Rillettes de Tours may be less well-known than their Le Mans neighbours, but they are the original rillettes. The only one to benefit from a Protected Geographical Indication, the rillette from Tours inspired the recipe for the rillettes from Le Mans. They are produced by traditional methods and cooked in a bath of Vouvray wine.

Goat's cheese

The region's flagship product is undoubtedly goat's cheese. Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine is a delicious, melt-in-the-mouth goat's cheese, whether served as a salad or at the end of a meal on a cheese platter.