Starter + Main course or Main course + Dessert : 28 €
Starter + Main course + Cheese or Dessert : 32 €
Starter + Main course + Cheese + Dessert : 37€ 

 Menu Kids : 11 €

Tender farmer’s poultry with vegetables stir-fry or chopped steak with mashed potatoes
Ice cream assortments to choose
Lemonade or syrup with water

2 courses 28€ or 3 courses 32€

Starters : 11 €

Lime marinated gravlax salmon with crispy vegetables and herbs

Homemade foie gras terrine with gingerbread, fresh figsand beetroots purée Extra foie gras : 2 €

Winter squash velouté and chestnut dariol, Sainte-Maure de Touraine crisp

Six n°3 “Excellence” selection oysters, homemade bread and seaweed butter

Main courses : 18,50 €

Fishes :

Lobster sausage, cognac and shellfish reduction extra 4€

Slowly cooked “Nikkei” tuna in citrus and lemongrass, seasonal vegetables 

Meats :

All our meats are fom France

Tender Farmer’s poultry stuffed with pine nuts, morels juice and vegetables stir-fry

Pork belly slowly roasted with honey and spices seasonable vegetables


Cheeses : 9,50 €

Selection of local cheeses

Desserts : 9,50 €

Chocolate and roasted hazelnuts fondant, pistachio crust salted butter caramel

Le Clos macaron, whipped yuzu and red berries purée

Orange and cinnamon tart, cointreau and cinnamon mousse

Caramelized pineapple in salted butter, light vanilla cream in its oat crisp