Starter + Main course or Main course + Dessert : 28 €
Starter + Main course + Cheese or Dessert : 32 €
Starter + Main course + Cheese + Dessert : 37€ 

 Menu Kids : 11 €

Tender farmer’s poultry with vegetables stir-fry or chopped steak with mashed potatoes
Ice cream assortments to choose
Lemonade or syrup with water

2 courses 28€ or 3 courses 32€

Starters : 11 €

Andalousian style gaspacho with basil cream and olivre dip, black sesame crisp

The farmer’s fresh goat cheese, eel jelly and fresh coriander, smoked custard

Home made foie gras with roasted hazelnuts, reduiced veal juice with Arabica (Extra charge: 5€)

Parmesan crumble on artichoke espuma, dried duck breast with balsamic reduction

Main courses : 18,50 €

Fishes :

Stir fried salmon in pistachio crust, apple emulsion and vegetables of the moment 

Tuna brewed with lemongrass and "Andalimas pepper sauce" crunchy fresh vegetables extra 3€

Meats :

All our meats are fom France

Farmer’s guinea fowl with candied zucchinis and tomatoes, rosemary juice and vegetables

Pork belly slowly roasted with honey and spices seasonable vegetables

Cheeses : 9,50 €

Selection of local cheeses

Desserts : 9,50 €

Dark chocolate and hazelnuts fondant served with salted butter caramel ice cream

Le clos Macaron, rose whipped cream and red berries purée

Cinnamon rice pudding, served with rhum jelly, fine crunchy crisp

Oat crisp, passion fruit mousse and seasonal fresh fruits